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The valves are shut off but water
continues to flow from the emitters
A small rock or other debris has
made its way into the valve
Call for service.
The landscape lights are not
The transformer is not plugged into
an electrical outlet.

The GFI was tripped on the outlet.   
Plug the transformer in and set the
time to turn on and off at desired times.

button then the reset.
The light bulb is burned out.

There is not a good connection
between the light and the wire.  
Replace the light bulb.

Open the connector and reconnect
to the wire firmly in another area.

The sprinklers are not spraying
where they should be.   
Adjust the arc nozzle by twisting at
the top of the sprinkler.
Foot traffic or the lawn mower
bumps the sprinkler head.
Water has stopped flowing from a
drip emitter.   
Small debris is clogging the emitter.

flow of water
Replace emitter.
Remove the emitter and dislodge
the debris by blowing into it or
flushing water through it.
The timer has stopped working and
The timer was reset by an electrical
Program the timer based the
current season.  Use the drip and
you as a starting point.
The landscape lights are turning on
but one or more lights are not
    PROBLEM                                   CAUSE                                    SOLUTION
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